CipherYogi – Idea behind

I had envisaged CY to be my virtual self, always available for my child and the larger family (even after am dead). It would give a sense of “me” being there to my child, and shall be her guide and doting digital-Dad, or at least someone there for her always (if am unable to bring the idea to life). In its imagined form, it would be able to hold a conversation as “me”, and coach the child on life lessons through those conversations and otherwise. It will be able to impart the knowledge of core subjects and more – Maths (also Vedic Maths), Science, History etc.

However, as I dwelled upon the idea, I felt CipherYogi definition must be a tad wider, and therefore this is how I would like to put it – CY is an ambitious project that takes a shot at creating virtual replicas of one’s individual self for a set of noble purposes. It allows one to build a digital twin, which resembles one in way of thinking in addition to voice and emotional quotient. CipherYogi can therefore be the digital persona of an individual say a parent, and can execute a few tasks as if done by the individual himself/herself.

CipherYogi – Build up

I plan to build CipherYogi – one brick at a time. I hope to take it a meaningful state by 2025, by which time my child will be 5 and her idea of world would be shaping up fast. At this point, I would like CY to help me train her be the human I would like her to be – energetic, sharp and kind.

For now, I will be focusing on building blocks and shall club them under “Building CipherYogi”. There will be another section “Awesome DIY Kits” which will have other utilities of practical use, and Do-It-Yourself kits, that shall hopefully make someone’s life easier/better.

Money Talk

For now, CY is self-financed and shall remain so till I feel the need for support. That said, if you find the blog site useful and have a desire to contribute, I would urge you to instead find needy parents in any part of the world (unfortunately there are many), and help them help their young ones get a better childhood. I often wonder if there is anything more beautiful in this world than putting a smile on a little one’s face, and am very sure you would have felt the magic of that feeling as well. I assure your act of kindness will multiply smiles and the world will become a better place (Butterfly effect!). Just in case, you can also support my personal initiative of helping abandoned babies in India. I shall be setting up a fundraiser soon, once I tie other loose ends.